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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Hi, all. This is my first post. I think this is the time for some presentations. I'm Valentino Volonghi, 20 years old and Italian. Proud linux user and fond of python. I think that anyone who works on python is a kind of a genius: Guido Von Rossum, Tim Peters and Alex Martelli (there are more and more but I have one thing to say about this last one). Today I decided to start this blog because of one thing: I need to say to anyone that I'll probably be working togheter with Alex Martelli... He is the best programmer I've ever known, we talked over an hour and a half and it was the best time spent in my life.

I hope to post some photograps in the future since I think I am very lucky :).

Obviously this is not my only passion, I also like mangas and anime a lot and I have a fairly big collection of mangas.
For this time it's all, I'm going to write again in the next days.

Oh, I forgot to say one thing: really thanks to a friend of mine: Lawrence Oluyede. We both work for the same company and we both met Martelli.
Hi all.


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