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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Lately I've been working on an rss aggregator made with python and Twisted. It's growing really fast, since twisted is marvellous.

Now the protocol supports a lot of things like:

  • Arbitrary number of multiple simultaneus connections

  • Request timeout

  • Max age of each feed

  • Memoizing of the feeds with a timestamp

  • Multi-client modular design

  • DOING: web interface, now I've only written a primitive one

I must say it. Twisted is a really impressive framework.

That's not the only thing I've been doing in the last days, as many of you know, on April 1st the GNOME team released their DE version 2.6, and today I've been busy searching for a good theme. Fortunately in the gentoo forums I've read of a project for making an official theme.

Here is how it looks:

Cya next time

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