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Monday, June 28, 2004

Today, while surfing The Net, I bumped into this blog post from Marco Russo, a C# programmer.

Basically he is saying that generics are such a great feature because with them you can write stuff like this:

List integers = new List();
for(int i=1; i<=10; i++) integers.Add(i);
int sum;
integers.ForEach(delegate(int i){ sum+=i; });

Now, after reading that thing 3 times I realized that all it was doing was to sum the first 10 integers which can be done in this way using python:

sum([x for x in xrange(11)])

Maybe times will come, when people will realize that such poor languages, like C# or java, are nowhere near highly dynamic ones like Python. And machine power is not giving them any reason to be learned.